Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Installing Synergy on Mac Mini OS X

I've set this up twice: once for my Mac Mini at home: hooked up to my LCD TV so I can play DVDs and watch movies; once at work so I can test on Macintosh OS X Operating System. I did this because it's so difficult to find and run OS X on a Virtual Machine and I had the hardware. (Pretty soon I'll need something that can run Google's new Operating System!)

By installing Synergy on my Desktop PC (Windows XP Professional at work and Windows Vista Ultimate at home) and on my Mac Mini (OS X), I can share my mouse and keyboard between the two. My monitors easily accept two monitor connections so no need for a KVM switch. This setup will work with any PC and Mac as long as you're using OS X.

Note: I leave a mouse plugged into each machine so I can start Synergy after the computer goes to sleep, gets turned off, needs to be woken from sleep, etc. A wireless mouse works well.

1. You should already have Synergy downloaded and installed on your PC.
2. It should be configured for all existing machines.
- If you want to know how to install Synergy on your PC then let me know and I will blog about it.

Preparation Steps:
1. Download the Synergy Client for OS X here (this will start the download for the binaries).
2. Download the Synergy GUI for OS X here (this will start the download for the program).
3. Extract each of the downloaded files.

Installation Steps:
4. Run the OsXSnyergyGui application.
5. It should ask for the location of the synergy client application. Browse to the path of your recently extract synergy folder (mine is called synergy-1.3.1) and select syngeryc.
6. The OS X Synergy GUI application should now appear. It displays the path to synergyc and asks for a Server IP Address if you are on the Client tab (you should be).

PC Configuration Steps:
7. Start Synergy on your Desktop PC using the "Share this computer's keyboard and mouse (server)" option.
8. Click Configure
9. Under the Screens area, click the '+' button and add the name of the Mac Mini to the list. (This has to be the exact name of the computer or it won't connect.)
10. Under the Links area, add the position of your Mac Mini.
11. Click OK.
12. Start Synergy on your PC.

Mac OS X Configuration Steps:
13. In OS X Synergy GUI, enter the IP Address for the computer you just started Synergy on.
14. Click Start
15. If everything is setup correctly the GUI will say something like "NOTE: started client" and "NOTE: connected to server".

You should be all setup. If you're like me and don't want the distraction, hide the OS X Synergy GUI window and go about your work.

If anyone has problems or feedback, please let me know and I will try to incorporate the changes.


Mike said...

I want to know about installing synergy on my PC. This has not been working for me at all. My set up is as follows:

1. iMac (personal computer)
2. Dell laptop in a docking station with out put to dual screens on either side of the iMac (work computer that uses a VPN network)

I want to be able to use the Mac keyboard and mighty mouse on all three screens - help?

monaye said...

How do you setup to run at startup?