Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gateway m275 Convertible Tablet PC Review

This was originally posted to the Ultimate Ultra-Mobile PC blog:

I purchased the Gateway m275 Convertible Tablet PC when it initially came out because it was the best of both worlds: Laptop and Tablet PC. I wanted the ability to write handwritten notes for class and yet still wanted to be able to type notes. The m275 was the full tablet experience without the drawbacks.

I would walk into class open the Tablet PC, turn it on, swivel the screen around and lock it into position, then rotate the screen to comfortable position to write. It was a really cool product when it came out and always turned heads in class. This was around the same time Microsoft Office debuted OneNote which was / still is perfect for taking notes because of its layout and ability to transform my handwritten notes into text.

However there were a few downsides in the design:

  • The entire computer weighed about 6 pounds which even for a laptop was heavy. It was especially heavy for a tablet which averaged around 3 pounds.
  • The stylus (located on the side of the computer) was prone to breaking making it hard to clip in and fall out.
  • The swivel was known to wear out and break especially if you didn't carefully toggle it. When I purchased the m275 I opted for the accidental damage since the swivel wasn't covered under original warranty. I wasn't always careful when toggling it and I had to have it replaced.
  • The bezel around the LCD would scratch and show wear and tear rather easily. I ended up purchasing a better one on eBay and replaced it.

It's amazing that you can still find these things on eBay. I wouldn't want one now given the advancements coming in touch screen and Windows 7, but having a Tablet PC is something I've wanted to revisit ever since I got rid of the m275. Maybe someday it will come true.


Anonymous said...

Picture has been fixed.

ellenjoy25 said...

That's a great experience for you in using a PC Tablet Gateway m275. I haven't searched for its image yet or how this tablet looks like, but as to your description, it really looks good and helpful in studies and even businesses for sure. Good thing that they are offering replacement keys for their product.