Sunday, June 7, 2009

HP MediaSmart EX 485 Home Server - No Monitor Port

I purchased my new HP MediaSmart EX 485 Home Server yesterday from Fry's and it seems like a great system with just one problem, no monitor port.

HP has a sense of humor. They give you the Operating System restore discs (which I prefer over a hard drive partition) but the server has NO drives and no monitor port! Hahaha, HP you're funny! While I understand this system was made to simply plug in and work, what if I want to make changes? Or what if I need to reinstall the operating system?

My plan is to take the 750GB pre-installed drive and replace it with a 1TB drive. The MediaSmart EX 485 Home Server makes it simple to install a lot more drive space but whatever drive you install the OS onto it essentially becomes irremovable. I have a spare CD drive and I should be able to pick up a USB to VGA adapter on the cheap. Once I attempt this swap and if I'm successful I will blog about the process so other people can upgrade their servers without a hiccup!

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Norberto said...

Do you hace successfull?
What monitor do you use?