Friday, March 13, 2009

Windows Home Server

Note: This is an old post from Blog Kenst from Monday, December 10, 2007:

Windows Home Server, WHS for short, is Microsoft's newest operating system for the home consumer (hence the name.) (Yes Microsoft is probably the worst company when it comes to "creative" advertising, but hey it works.) WHS is a streamlined version of Microsoft Windows 2003 server and by that I mean it a few very specific purposes:

1. Automatic backup of all computers on the network
a. Simple recovery of lost files or entire PCs
2. Scalable storage with Mirroring (avoids losing data)
3. File Sharing & Streaming - easily share files between computers, xbox 360s or anything else that uses Windows Media Extender
4. Personalized web address for sharing photos and home videos

WHS is essentially a hub for all digital media. I hear the new term being used is "Stay-at-home Servers". I've been running Windows Home Server for a month or so now and I have to say I'm very impressed. I built my own system, instead of ordering one online (MS is pushing an HP brand) and I loaded it up with about 1.5TB of storage and have now installed its management console on every computer in the house. The new Management console allows you to easily control storage by adding and removing drives; you can create and allocate ritghts to users; you can setup websites and file sharing with mirroring; and even monitor the computers you are backing up.

For someone like me who has a ton of music and digital movies this move is a no-brainer. I now don't have to worry about backing up my computer because it's already being done and better than that those files are mirrored, making it less likely I will have everything wiped out! Now I just need to figure out how to do some of the more "advanced" things like setting up the server so I can remote in and start running websites off of it!

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