Friday, February 27, 2009

Media Center

Note: This is an old post from Blog Kenst from Friday, March 16, 2007:

So my new (to me) Media Center finally arrived yesterday. I purchased a Gateway Media Venter 901X on eBay about 1 1/2 weeks ago as my companies newest project. With computers and TV becoming more callaborative and pushing themselves into the center of everyone's living room, I figured it was a good move to know how to build and trouble shoot them. Plus it sounds pretty cool. Therefore I purchased a system that I knew something about, knowing I could reconfigure it and at a low enough price point that it made sense.

I received the system, drivers, windows media center edition 2004, gyration wireless mouse and keyboard (they work 30+ ft from the recevier) and a few extra hook ups. The cool thing about media centers is they fit directly into your stereo system profile because they look like any ordinary stereo system. (This Gateway system is no different it looks like a system receiver, only it has several covered USB ports and a DVD burner!)

My grand plans for this unit consist of the following:

* (2) 300+ GB Hard Drives setup on RAID 1 for mirroring (can't loose that information!)
* 1 GB of Memory (at least)
* Windows Vista Ultimate
* Using the Media Center capabilites in Vista / plugging in our cable and using the system to record TV Shows (In addition to the DVR we have!)
* Storing / Sharing: Music, DVDs, and other Media in a single dedicated location
* Storing DVDs in a digital format for Burn-on-the-Fly movie watching (still deciding how this would work)
* Putting the system on the current domain for added security
* Using the system all over the house with the wireless keyboard and mouse

This system wouldn't replace my XBOX 360 (for gaming) nor the HD-DVD player that I have, it would be a dedicated system for music and movies. For reliability sake alone it becomes worth protecting all that information, knowing that nothing else would go on that system and I would be able to restrict the programs being installed there!

Once that is setup and I have TV streaming to the Media Center and DVR box, what do I do with my slingbox? - - - So many issues to deal with!

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