Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Installing SharePoint on my Windows Home Server

I'm really excited about the possibility of setting up Microsoft SharePoint Services 3.0 on my Windows Home Server. I setup a version of Microsoft SharePoint Server on a previous server and did so semi-successfully. I got SharePoint up and running and could access all the pages, however I couldn't get it to work correctly outside my network and I didn't quite have all my security settings correct.

I found the following link that contains a document on how to install SharePoint on a WHS and it contains a step by step pdf that looks excellent. This is one option for my personal (internal) blog and it also gives me a much better place to store documents.

I use SharePoint at work and love it's easy setup and ability to organize documents and I've always wanted to version for home. Now I've just got to follow through and do it!

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