Thursday, February 26, 2009

Firesizer Plugin / Add-on for FireFox 3.0

I've been testing a new Web Application in Firefox 3.0 and I needed to make my window size 1024x768. While the most accurate way to do this is to change your screen resolution, I also downloaded Firesizer .90 and Window Resizer 1.0 for Firefox 3.0.

Both of them are off a little bit in terms of the real size of the window, but Firesizer is off quite a bit more. I ended up resetting my screen resolution to verify their accuracy when someone pointed out the two programs offered different realities.

All I have to say is Firesizer is the worst of the two. Window Resizer 1.0, although not as user friendly (no icon at the bottom of the window) but it appears to be more accurate.

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