Thursday, January 8, 2009

Workaround for Samsung Update Plus Error

This was reposted from the Ultimate Ultra Mobile PC Blog:

For those of you who have had issues with the Samsung Update Plus software on Windows Vista, a reader of this site found a workaround that I was able to verify.

I tried this on my Samsung Q1-UV Ultra Mobile PC and it works, no more dwLoadStatus != SLU_Load_Finished error! It should work on just about any Windows Vista system, even if it's not an Ultra Mobile.

1. Remove the Windows Vista version of Samsung Update Plus.
2. Install the Windows XP version of Samsung Update Plus (ver. found here.
3. Run it.

I tried this a while back when I initially ran into the problem, but I used the Windows XP software from the supplied restore discs and it didn't work. This must be a newer version and although there were no updates for my Ultra Mobile PC, the update was able to complete without any errors.

I hope this helps.

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