Monday, January 12, 2009


I created a wordpress blog when I was looking for some place to put but I found the interface to be a bit cluttered, albeit nicely designed. For some reason Blogger just seemed to be the simpler route, but frankly I'm a bit perterb with blogger's lack of templates and I don't seem many people / sites creating them for sale.

I created a domain called to eventually replace this blog that will mimic except be for all my technical / computer postings (where as is only for my Ultra Mobile PC).

I was hoping to use that domain on Wordpress, but it looks like they want to charge for the service - 10 bucks a year. For some reason that annoys me, the simple fact they want to charge money for that sort of thing.

Now I'm thinking the best way is just to setup my own blog engine on a system and do that. You have to install Apache, MySQL, PhP, etc - something I'm reluctant to do on my PCs and Servers - however I do have a Mac Mini that I'm not using adequately right now and I found a site that details the simple steps:

I think it will be fun (and a good way to start my blog off) if I can run it from my Mac Mini at home. I can hopefully hardline it and it will serve up quickly!

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