Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tracking Your Fitness Progress with Free Tools

Another lifehacker posting. This is different than fitday because it doesn't recommend one site to do it all, instead you get several different free programs to track everything:

Life Hacker: Turn your $60 router into a $600 router

I think I will try this with one of my spare routers, just in case it doesn't work and/or I don't like it:

Monday, January 12, 2009

One of my coworkers turned me on to It appears to not only help you calculate the amount of calories you consume, but can track your "activities" in a given day. I already track what weights and exercises I do, but I don't track the size of my arms, shoulders, waist, etc. but I guess I will very soon.

The website itself is a little cluttered with all of the advertising, but it will do the job of helping you track the foods you consume, the activities you perform, monitor your weight, set weight goals, determine your mood, etc.

It's a good, free website to check out.

Creating Cross-over Cables

I found this very cool page online for creating cross-over cables as well as general knowledge of how cabling works. Mark this page as a good reference.


I created a wordpress blog when I was looking for some place to put but I found the interface to be a bit cluttered, albeit nicely designed. For some reason Blogger just seemed to be the simpler route, but frankly I'm a bit perterb with blogger's lack of templates and I don't seem many people / sites creating them for sale.

I created a domain called to eventually replace this blog that will mimic except be for all my technical / computer postings (where as is only for my Ultra Mobile PC).

I was hoping to use that domain on Wordpress, but it looks like they want to charge for the service - 10 bucks a year. For some reason that annoys me, the simple fact they want to charge money for that sort of thing.

Now I'm thinking the best way is just to setup my own blog engine on a system and do that. You have to install Apache, MySQL, PhP, etc - something I'm reluctant to do on my PCs and Servers - however I do have a Mac Mini that I'm not using adequately right now and I found a site that details the simple steps:

I think it will be fun (and a good way to start my blog off) if I can run it from my Mac Mini at home. I can hopefully hardline it and it will serve up quickly!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Search N Recovery Blog

Is it worth having a Scuba diving blog? Perhaps have a blog where divers, instructors, etc. can come together and talk about equipment, services, things like this? Hmm.. Maybe not a bad idea...?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Netflix on the Xbox 360

I configured my Xbox 360 to stream movies from Netflix just before Christmas and I have to say it is very cool. The Xbox adds another slide to your Video Marketplace screen that allows you to view all the movies you placed in your digital queue.

You have to add the movies to your digital queue online and keep them there as long as you want access to them. Once movies are added you can search through all of them on the Xbox; you can view the summaries, ratings, etc. - all the information you would normally find on Netflix, but on your home TV!

I have the 360 hooked up to the internet via the wireless adapter. Normally, when you first hit play on the movie of your choice, the system detects your bandwidth and then plays the movie based on the maximum quality your bandwidth can handle. The only problem I found was that the movie never seemed to buffer, so when my bandwidth would fall temporarily, the movie would pause and Netflix would lower the video playback quality.

Lowering the video playback quality is a horrible idea because it makes the movie so grainy that no one can enjoy the movie. This along with the limited number of movies available for instant download are the only real downsides to having the service. I also half expect both of these features to become less of a problem over time.

Now I just need to figure out how to get Hulu and Youtube on the 360 and I will be set!

Here are the simple steps for setting up Netflix on your Xbox 360:

1. You have to have an Xbox Live Gold membership. If you pay for the full year in advanced, you get 13 months for $50.
2. You need to have a Netflix membership. The cheapest one is around $9/month where you get 1 movie at a time and unlimited instant downloads.
3. Then go to, register your device for Netflix, download the software and then activate your Netflix subscription so the streaming starts!

Have fun!

Workaround for Samsung Update Plus Error

This was reposted from the Ultimate Ultra Mobile PC Blog:

For those of you who have had issues with the Samsung Update Plus software on Windows Vista, a reader of this site found a workaround that I was able to verify.

I tried this on my Samsung Q1-UV Ultra Mobile PC and it works, no more dwLoadStatus != SLU_Load_Finished error! It should work on just about any Windows Vista system, even if it's not an Ultra Mobile.

1. Remove the Windows Vista version of Samsung Update Plus.
2. Install the Windows XP version of Samsung Update Plus (ver. found here.
3. Run it.

I tried this a while back when I initially ran into the problem, but I used the Windows XP software from the supplied restore discs and it didn't work. This must be a newer version and although there were no updates for my Ultra Mobile PC, the update was able to complete without any errors.

I hope this helps.