Thursday, December 11, 2008

Google Chrome out of Beta and Crashing on Facebook

In case you haven't heard, Google Chrome is officially out of Beta:

The only problem is my Google Chrome Application Shortcut for Facebook is now freezing up! Looks like Google's software isn't defect free. Good thing Chrome is my 3rd installed browser after Firefox 3.0 and IE 7.0.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

VMware Virtual Machine's drop their domain settings

I need to do more research on this problem, but I find that after a certain amount of time my VMware Virtual Machines drop / loose their domain settings. It's just annoying when you want to use a machine that needs to connect to the Domain and it refuses the connection. Each time it forces me to login to the computer, remove and replace the domain settings. It's an easy work around but it's also an annoyance.

Office Live Small Business

I used Office Live Small Business to create my scuba diving website and I have to say it is more limiting than I originally thought. I accomplished my main task and that was to put up some information and photos about scuba diving but it wasn't as easy as I had anticipated.

To add insult to injury, but I don't think Google's web crawler likes the site very much after the site code is crazy (thanks Microsoft!). Oh well, live and learn. I'm going to try Google's page creator for another and then maybe Drupal for another.

SkyDrive up to 25GB

Microsoft just jumped SkyDrive to 25GB. This will be great once the software tool that allows you to mount and access SkyDrive in Windows is available.

I also use Microsoft's Live Mesh, but right now they don't talk to each other. I'm hoping that service will come soon since I store / sync a few documents through Live Mesh and it would be nice to access them from SkyDrive as well.

Check out the lifehacker article.

I used to use Xdrive, but that software was soo crappy that I abandoned it rather quickly. I have websites hosted by 1&1 and so I made a few FTP accounts and mapped drives in Vista to them, but I don't use them as well as I should. Drag and drop access really is the best when using an online storage solution.