Tuesday, November 4, 2008


One of my distant relatives is putting together a family website where we can share pictures, stories, and other family history. I volunteered, thinking the project would require some development but not really knowing what was required. As it turns out there are a lot of ready made web solutions for tracking family history.

As I reviewed the top sites here's a few notes I made:

- Don't like the layout on the website
- Only one password for the site - doesn't ask for email, so probably has limited customization.
- No price listed...?

- Has a nice layout
- They don't have a very good description of the security / authentication features
- Hard to tell what the actual sites look like.

- Has a nice layout
- Free basic service - great for trying out
- Different levels of authentication
- Backup Service

- Nice Layout
- Simple browsing
- One of the few sites you can browse
- Downside is it looks expensive
- Not necessarily geared towards family sites

- Tons of Detail (good and bad)
- Great authentication
- OK Layout

We decided to go with MyFamily.com and as I continue to use it, I will blog about the pros and cons - just in case anyone cares!

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