Wednesday, November 12, 2008

iPhone Applications

I posted before about a very cool iPhone Application called Snapper that lets you browse online stores by barcodes so you can compare online prices to store prices. I loaded up my iPhone with a few more applicatons some that I do like and some that I do not:

Don't Like:
1. Backgrounds - as easy as it sounds it really does nothing for the phone. I prefer to download photos of my choice and then sync them with my iPhone. The pictures were pretty lame and can be found just about anywhere online.

2. Google Mobile App - there is really no purpose to this app. All it does is provide a little quicker access to Google's applications online. The same thing can be done with Safari. I'm waiting for a Google Talk or Blogger App, afterall the iPhone comes with a Google Maps application and you can download Google Earth!

3. iThread - It's not a bad application if you are looking for a directory of web companies; on the same hand unless you need it, it's a waste of space.

Do Like:
1. Pandora - It's nice to have a streaming online radio and Pandora is the best out there. I've got a ton of music on my iPod but it's a nice refresher when you can find something you don't already have.

2. LinkedIn - A quick and easy way to navigate the professional social networking site.

3. VoiceNotes - Just as it sounds, this voice recorder is quick and easy to use. Plus it's handy when you need to catch a coworker saying something they shouldn't! I was able to record someone over the speaker phone in a meeting very clearly!

4. Urbanspoon - This app has some quirks but the hardest decision for me to make is where to eat lunch / dinner and so this app helps fill that void. You have to shake it a bit hard and sometimes it will end up on the same restaurant three times in a row, but hey it still works!

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