Thursday, October 9, 2008

This Blog's Technology

I run one tech blog called Ultimate Ultra Mobile PC Blog which is about.. wait for it... my Ultra Mobile PC or UMPC. (If you don't know what a UMPC is click the link.) Since I really enjoy blogging and I was able to get this cool domain name (don't criticize it) I naturally began thinking about how to put it together.

For Ultimate Ultra Mobile PC Blog I have an external domain name (purchased and administered through with DNS settings and hosting at 1&1) and I use Blogger to publish to it via ftp whenever I make entries. The good side to this is I can control / own what I write since I've got the html files. The downside(s) are you can't use the new XML formats for the blogs and it has become increasingly difficult to publish - Blogger seems to error out halfway through the FTP process. The system will tell me 4 times during a posting (my blog is bigger and bigger these days) that 'the process is taking longer than expected' and asks me constantly if I want to continue!

Anyway I was hoping to get better templates and avoid that problem by using - by downloading it and installing it on my Mac mini. That turned out to be a big ordeal because the instructions were wrong - big time! However once it is completed, I will post it here so people will know how to do it correctly. So I temporarily gave up and instead used an alternative to a external domain in Blogger.

This time Blogger gets to host all of the files and I just had to redirect my blog here by changing the CNAME record on my domain to point to Google. Very easy / cool process: I've edited a lot of settings before, but never the CNAME records and so of course I enjoyed it. Once it worked, I was able to get a cool looking template (a wordpress rip off) and then used the new XML features to edit the layout of the page until I got the look correct. Now here it is.

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