Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dell m2010

I was a little surprised to find out Dell dropped the m2010. I was reminded of it when I last watched 'Iron Man' - it's the computer sitting at Tony Stark's desk when Pepper Potts is trying to figure out what Obadiah Stain has been up to. 

I thought the computer was quite impressive for a mobile desktop even if it was a bit on the expensive side. You can still find them via Dell's Factory Outlet but even then they are expensive. I was intrigued by the design and how it was a striking contrast from most of Dell's computers. Now Dell has just released it's Studio Hybrids that are pretty cool as well. 

Does anyone have any thoughts on if they make a good computer? 

Friday, October 17, 2008

.VoV Extension

I've been looking for new movies to put on my iPhone and I keep coming across torrent files with the extension .vov. I can't find any information on what they are or how they are opened. 

Anyone have a clue?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

VMware Fusion and Parallels 3.0

I've been running Parallels 3.0 on my Mac Mini with OS X Leopard for a few months. When I initially installed the program I was looking for a way to integrate Windows and Leopard and Parallels had a feature called "Convergence" that allowed you to run Windows over Leopard. It looked like the perfect fit.

Since my initial installation, I've crashed the program 5 times, it runs slowly (which I anticipated) and I've had trouble installing MP3 conversion software. I think it's time to tryout VMware Fusion. I really like VMware's software for Windows and the latest version has the "Unity" view which is like "Convergence" except it doesn't have a windows start bar, instead it integrates everything into the dock.

Now that's what I'm talking about!

Windows Home Server on a Mac Mini

This is a repost from Blog Kenst:

Thinking of new ways to use your current / old equipment is always fun. I really enjoy my Mac Mini, but I'm not sure if it's because of the Mac OS X Leopard operating system or just the look and feel of the nicely designed hardware. I think it's the hardware, which is where I came up with the idea of putting my Windows Home Server on my Mac Mini. Currently I have a (huge) dell workstation as my Home Server, but it's nothing special. At least this would be asthetically pleasing!

The article below is about replacing Mac OS X Leopard with Windows Home Server:


I would be more interested in setting up Windows Home Server on a Bootcamp partition so I could still have access to the Mac OS X side. Even though it has a small hard drive - 80GB, it could be loaded up with external hard drives, expanding it to 2 TB. I'll put this on my to do list!

Cool Little Game: World of Goo

You can download the demo here:

It's a fun game to download a play. You can beat the 1st chapter in about an hour if you're good.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Remote Desktop aka Terminal Services for Mac OS X

This could be, by far, the best program available for Mac OS X (Leopard). I just downloaded and started playing with it. I mean the whole reason why I purchased a Mac Mini (besides the small form factor) was to be able to use the Mac OS in conjunction with my Windows OS's. Now that Microsoft has a Remote connection, this should be far easier!

I will post laster on my findings, but at least download the latest version for yourself here.

XM Radio and Best of Sirius

I've been using an Audiovox Xpress R XM Radio receiver in my Tahoe for a few months now and I'm loving it. Then I use the online radio at work or when I'm at my computer (in the form of a sidebar gadget). Just yesterday I added the Best of Sirius package which gives me the Playboy Channel, Howard Stern, Martha Stewart and the NFL. I highly doubt I will listen to Martha Stewart, but you never know.

The only problem I have with the service is they don't offer the full lineup of channels online unless you pay for it. What does that mean? It means that if you want to get the exclusive stuff like MLB or NFL, you have to buy one of their home kit accessories (if you have a mobile receiver like me) or pay an additional monthly amount.

I'm not a big baseball fan, but I occasionally would like to get the Dodgers broadcast (now that they are in the playoffs). In the car you get one channel per game per sport, so I can listen to my 49ers get beat by whomever they're playing and then switch channels to the next MLB game or Nascar race or whatever. Is it soo much to ask to get that online for free? I'm already paying for the receivers!! 

Oh well, looks like I will be buying an indoor antenna for those NFL games at home!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Google Analytics

I just installed Google Analytics on this site so I can track who is coming here and why. I've got Analytics installed on all of my sites and believe me, it's quite helpful and intriguing at the sametime. I like knowing what are the most popular pages on each one of my sites and also what search engines and web browsers people are using to find them.

Not surprising, across all of my sites Google has the most organic referrals (ie searches). In fact if I Google some of my own pages and then try the same thing with Yahoo or Live, I don't get nearly the placement!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hulu is the Shit!

I'm on vacation in Pajaro Dunes and I've been on Hulu a great deal of the time, catching up on my shows: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Chuck, etc. I love it - the videos are so easy to play and clean looking that I just want to find a way to play them on the local TV set! Anyways gotta go.

This Blog's Technology

I run one tech blog called Ultimate Ultra Mobile PC Blog which is about.. wait for it... my Ultra Mobile PC or UMPC. (If you don't know what a UMPC is click the link.) Since I really enjoy blogging and I was able to get this cool domain name (don't criticize it) I naturally began thinking about how to put it together.

For Ultimate Ultra Mobile PC Blog I have an external domain name (purchased and administered through GoDaddy.com with DNS settings and hosting at 1&1) and I use Blogger to publish to it via ftp whenever I make entries. The good side to this is I can control / own what I write since I've got the html files. The downside(s) are you can't use the new XML formats for the blogs and it has become increasingly difficult to publish - Blogger seems to error out halfway through the FTP process. The system will tell me 4 times during a posting (my blog is bigger and bigger these days) that 'the process is taking longer than expected' and asks me constantly if I want to continue!

Anyway I was hoping to get better templates and avoid that problem by using Wordpress.org - by downloading it and installing it on my Mac mini. That turned out to be a big ordeal because the instructions were wrong - big time! However once it is completed, I will post it here so people will know how to do it correctly. So I temporarily gave up and instead used an alternative to a external domain in Blogger.

This time Blogger gets to host all of the files and I just had to redirect my blog here by changing the CNAME record on my domain to point to Google. Very easy / cool process:
http://help.blogger.com/bin/answer.py?answer=58317&cbid=cxpssutxqgg8&src=cb&lev=answer#godaddy. I've edited a lot of settings before, but never the CNAME records and so of course I enjoyed it. Once it worked, I was able to get a cool looking template (a wordpress rip off) and then used the new XML features to edit the layout of the page until I got the look correct. Now here it is.

Introductory Posting

Welcome everyone to My Tech(nology) Fetish.com. I plan to use this website for random but useful information about everything technology, including how I tackle certain problems - problems that I can't always find on Google.

So as I come across technical problems and figure them out or as I come across cool ways to integrate technology into your life (no not like lifehacker) they will appear here!

I will also be moving many of the technology postings from my personal blog - Blog Kenst - to here.